Alight Motion Effects New 2022

alight motion mod apk

alight motion mod apk

Import a lot of Alight Motion Effects here. You can be found your alight motion effects in 2022 on our website. The below link can import your package. There is a professional tool for graphic designers in the alight motion effect pack. One of the best effects is the alight motion shake effect. It can help you to create remarkable impressions in your videos. Photos and videos can be lushed by drag-and-drop the alight effect. After that, you can customize many settings to get better results.

This article is clear the confusion like how alight motion effects work?

Alight motion effects preset link showing a wide range of stunning visual effects. It includes cool transitions, good writing text, logos, and more. Now, I will show you how to use the alight motion app to make an attentive video.

More to get the alight motion pro apk no watermark. I also have an alight motion mod apk for android.

Below is the alight motion effect link. The alight motion effects are free to download here. Just click on the button to enjoy stunning effects.

Download VFX Effect Link

Alight Motion Shake Effect 

If you guys will fall in love with to alight motion app, you just use the alight motion shake effect. It is the category of alight motion presets. Want your photos or videos to the next level will below link of the alight motion shake effect download. Alight Motion will be adding plenty of stunning effects in the alight motion shake effect pack.

Download Shake Effect Link

Alight Motion Presets

Full free package of alight motion presets with velocity edits and alight motion masking. The gift from me after the alight motion shake effect link. My aim is to provide a complete alight motion tutorial. These are for those users who have a very deep interest in alight motion.

XML Pack for alight motion transitions presets free download by clicking the following link.

Download Transition Preset Link

XML Pack for alight motion text presets free download by clicking the following link.

Download Text Presets Effect Link

Presets for Alight Motion:

The presets have a great way to add movements to your text or logo. Creating simple animations and complex movements is only a way to access the alight motion shake pack. A preset for alight motion can blow your mind. It can help me to create my alight motion project eye-catching. Then, I would send my project to my friends. They were happy. So, according to my experience, this is one of the best video editing apps for android in 2022.

How to fix Alight Motion Mod APK Errors (for Android and iOS) Guide 2022

alight motion mod apk

alightmotion mod apk

Alight Motion Mod APK is a trendy mod offered by the app. In the google play store, it scores touch in billions of installs. 4.5 rating app has a lot of awesome features and some have errors. So, I can help you that how to fix alight motion mod apk errors. I believe that this app is perfect for everyone. So, come to the topic, in this article, you guys can familiar with many new things in which you can fix your alight motion mod apk error easily.

I decided to provide the complete ultimate guide on alight motion no mistake. I hope, in my site, your alight motion error fixed. Alight motion apk no watermark is a great way to build your Alight experience.

Here, I will fix

  • Lag problems
  • Error 3565
  • Error 4102
  • Import Error
  • Export Error
  • Installation Issues and more!

More to learn the topics on:

Alight Motion Lag Fix APK

Every alight motion user’s problem. how to fix lag problem in alight motion?. Many possible solutions can show you with basics. Read the following steps or watch the video.

Step 1: Switch off your wifi/mobile data and everything else.

Step 2: All set on low quality and try this to avoid lag as much as possible.

Step 3: Create a new project around these settings.

Step 4: Always work on your project in this project setting. You will have less lag while editing your project.

Step 5: You can even add heavy effects but keep in mind that might crash your alight.

Step 6: Worried about quality? don’t worry just does this after you finish your project.

Step 7: Now, add a square shape all over the layer and stretch it to the screen.

Step 8: Select all layers and mask them. Then, copy the layer and create a new project in high possible quality.

Step 9: Then, paste the layer here and stretch it to the screen. Ungroup if you want to.

How to do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion (Tutorial in 2022)

alight motion mod apk

alightmotion mod apk

What are velocity edits? and how to do velocity edits on Alight Motion is the common question wandering on the internet. The Alight Motion pro apk is a very famous video player and animation editor app. The app has popular topics and attractive discussions in public.

It is an important question and the original answer is available here on our website Due to the newly published status and improvements in progress, there has a lot of defaults from the professional users and video editors.

For this, app developers can be working on alight motion velocity preset and more. Now, we briefly described this feature in detail. More to get the Alight Motion Pro Apk.

What is meant by Velocity Editing?

Velocity editing means as it is the speed of editing a video by its frame rate or fps (Frames Per Second). You can increase or decrease the speed of the video according to your requirements by changing its velocity.

To make a velocity editing in the video, choose the best frame rate values for videos. Here is the question what is the best frame rate value? the number of frames adjusts in the video per the second uniquely.

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How to do Velocity on Alight Motion? (Step-by-Step Guide)

We can create a velocity edit on Alight Motion by using some alight motion tips. Alight motion pro mod apk is the best velocity edit app in 2022.

The alight motion mod apk is a great editing app for those who want to create impressive visual effects in their videos. With it, you can easily add VFX and graphics design work as well as color adjustments without any hassle at all!

Let us start the procedure and complete the answer to the main question of how to do velocity on Alight Motion? in easy steps.

Step 1: Add your video in which you can apply frame rates. Sure that video is at normal speed. Music in the video should be added, filters applied, which means to say that the video is fully ready for velocity editing.

Step 2: Animations can be added to the Alight Motion mod app using the default(normal) speed.

Step 3: You can see the video requirements which appear to have multiple layers. We edit these layers contained in the video.

Step 4: The process of velocity editing is started, click on the layer you want to adjust its speed.

Step 5: Your smartphone screen will display a graph (option) after you pick from the options.

Step 6: You can access the settings of the graph by clicking here. You can see 4 sub-options, a pair of easy in and easy out by the main linear option.

Step 7: Following are the options that can change the results. I can explain

  • Linear: It is the constant speed of a moving object.
  • Easy in: At the start, move the object slowly and at the end move it quickly.
  • Easy out: At the start, move the object quickly and at the end move it slowly.
  • Easy in and out: Adjust the speed according to your needs (fast and slow).

Step 8: After applying your speed. Save your video.

Step 9: Watch the layers of video again if you want to change the speed somewhere.

Step 10: Successfully completed the process of popular velocity edit on Alight Motion.


The Alight Motion velocity shake package is the free option offered by the app. The Alight Motion velocity QR code is available at the end of the video. The journey to the research velocity edits in alight motion is very interesting for me.

I hope you will be beneficial to this information. Thank you for reading this article. Kindly share the knowledge with others.

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History and Benefits of Alight Motion (Video & Animation Editor App)

alight motion mod apk

history and benefits of alight motion

Matthew Feinberg is the CEO at Alight Creative, makers of Alight Motion. Software Engineer, Linguist, Mobile Video Enthusiast. Former lead developer & product manager at KineMaster.

Here we talk about the history and benefits of Alight Motion mod apk and all of AM latest and old versions.

History of Alight Motion

1. Alight Motion Mod APK is a beautiful editing and graphic app for Android and iPhone. Even better, it’s completely free to download the Alight motion pro mod apk. Once you’ve gotten your hands on Alight Motion, the app brings you professional quality visual effects, motion graphics, and video editing to your mobile device.

2. Alight Motion Pro APK is considered a professional animated graphics application that gives users powerful editing tools and many unique visual effects. Do not hesitate any longer. Please immediately download Alight Motion Mod APK this complete utility application to your Android or iOS devices.

3. Alight Motion video editing app is a great application because it offers the best services to its users, so while having Alight motion apk pro on your device, you will never need another video editor app. You will get all the essential editor tools in this game, and it also has many premium tools and features that you can use for your videos.

4. Aside from alight motion premium apk features, link sharing, the watermark, and ads, the free version is identical to the paid version, so feel free to try out the app and make sure it fits your needs before deciding whether to purchase an Alight Motion premium membership!

 Benefits of Alight Motion Editor

1. No Watermark

Video editing application providers often embed a watermark on someone’s work. This is a little annoying and makes the originality of the work seem to be reduced. However, the Alight Motion premium application does not provide a watermark on the video results is one of the best benefits of the alight motion mod.

2. It Can Be Used In Various Formats

Material videos, of course, have many file formats. Mainly videos recorded using a DSLR camera. Alight Motion can accommodate various video file formats for easy editing.

3. Can Edit Multiple Videos At Once

The Alight Motion app can edit more than one video at a time. With a note that the device used has sufficient RAM. This application is also given a table to choose which video to edit first.

4. Can Export Various File Formats

Besides editing videos in various formats, Alight Motion pro apk no watermark can also be used to export video results in various formats. Such as GIF, MP4 Video, Animation, PNG Squance, etc. The process of rendering the edited video is also not too long.

5. It can Be Used To Create Vector Graphics

Alight Motion APK mod can be used to create moving images of vector graphics. Users can create work with exciting 2D and 3D shapes. Even the results can be customized according to taste.

6. Application User Tutorial

There is an application user tutorial. The developer of the Alight Motion Pro app provides convenience to users with usage tutorials provided. There are clearly explained steps for beginners. In addition, this application also has a simple interface system.

7. Ad-free

Many free video editing applications but a lot of ads appear. However, unlike Alight Motion apk pro, this application does not provide ads when in use. That way, users will feel comfortable when editing a video.

8. Abundant Effect Options

The favorite advantages of the Alight Motion mod application are the effects provided. Developers provide effects to be applied to videos in an update. There are 1000 choices of effects provided by the developer. That way, users don’t get bored quickly with the same effects.

9. Complete Audio

Video work will undoubtedly be more enjoyable with the addition of audio. In the Alight Motion latest version, there are many audio options and complete. Users can add a variety of audio, both provided by the developer and user download audio.

10. Features

  • Keyframe Animation:

This feature can be used to provide cool animation effects. Then this feature can also be used to help users create a static object. Plus, the user can also manage the movement of the orbit with the view of the object according to taste.

  • Blending Modes:

Alight Motion mod apk pro has a blending mode that helps users add multiple layers to a video. Even the opacity of each layer can be changed according to taste. There are various presets provided by the developer of this application. 

  • Abundant Fonts:

The Alight Motion mod apk has 2000 fonts ready to be applied to an edited video. In addition, when writing a text, users can provide sizes, colors, and locations that can be easily adjusted. Even this application also supports adding fonts from external files.

After knowing the advantages or benefits of alight motion, it would be better also to need to know about the various features provided. All these features are available in the Alight Motion Pro Mod APK.


There is a glitch in this app. users say that when there is a heavy load on it. It shows a blank page or glitch. The alight motion modified app version automatically shuts down and when we transform any file, it crashes out. There is a bug in this app. that will fix in the new version above the link. 

Honestly, this app is handy for editing, and its features are fantastic.

How to Use Alight Motion App? (Beginners and Professionals Guide)

how to use alight motion app

alightmotion mod apk

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to create animated videos? If so, the Alight Motion happy app is worth considering. In this beginners and professionals guide, I’ll provide an overview of how to use Alight Motion app? and some of its key features. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Alight motion Apk pro is how easy it is to use. The app has a very user-friendly interface, and even those with no prior experience in video editing or animation will be able to get to grips with the basics quickly.

Click on the given link and Download Alight Motion Pro Mod APK.

Main Sections of Alight Motion

There are three main sections to the alight motion mod interface.

  1. Projects: Projects are where you’ll start, and this is where you can create a new project or open an existing one.

  2. Elements: Elements are where you’ll find all of the various assets you can use in your projects, such as images, videos, shapes, and text.

  3. Layers: Layers are where you can organize and arrange all of the elements in your project.

Creating a New Project:

To create a new project, tap on the ‘New Project‘ button in the Projects section. You’ll then be prompted to select the resolution and framerate for your project. Once you’ve done this, you can start adding elements to your project.

Adding Elements:

Tap on the ‘Elements‘ button in the main interface to add an element. You’ll then be able to browse through all of the various assets you can use. To add support to your project, tap on it and drag it into the ‘Layers’ section.

Organizing Layers:

The ‘Layers‘ section allows you to organize and arrange all of the elements in your project. Tap on it and drag it to the desired location to move an element. You can also change the order of the layers by tapping on the ‘Layer Order’ button.

Exporting Your Project:

Once you’re happy with your project, you can export it by tapping on the ‘ Export’ button. You’ll then be able to choose the format and quality of the exported file.

App Guidelines

  • To create a new project, click on the ‘+’ icon in the Projects section.

  • You can then give your project a name and select a resolution.

  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll take you to the main editing interface, where you can start adding elements to your project.

  • To add an element, click on the ‘+’ icon in the Elements section and select the asset you want to use.

  • You can then drag and drop it into your project.

  • To edit an element, double-click on it, and a menu will appear with all of the various options you can choose.

  • When you’re happy with your project, click on the ‘Export‘ button in the top-right hand corner and select how you want to export your video.

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Alight Motion Video Players and Editors

Alight Motion is a video player and editor available for both iOS and Android devices. The app offers a wide range of features and functions, making it an excellent choice for those who want to create professional-looking videos.

Key Features:

Some of the key features of Alight Motion include:

  • A user-friendly interface that is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

  • A wide range of assets can be used to create your project, including images, videos, shapes, and text.

  • The ability to export your project in a variety of formats and qualities.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use video player and editor, then Alight Motion Mod APK is worth considering.


Alight Motion mod apk latest version is an excellent app for creating animated videos. It’s easy to use and has many features that make it perfect for both beginners and professionals.

How to make Cool Transitions on Alight Motion (Easy Ultimate Guide) 2022

how to do transitions on alight motion

how to do transitions on alight motion

Soft Transition effects can enjoy the video and music your love, and share your wrap transitions all with friends, family, and the Alight Motion Community on our Facebook Page. Alight Motion Pro mod apk teaches you how to make cool transitions on Alight Motion. Zoom in smooth shake tutorial of Alight Motion video editing.

Also, suggested searching for the Alight Motion shake effect presets pack on Google. We have a question here: How to do transitions on the alight motion? Get the Alight Motion transitions ideas. As you know, just follow the below original steps to apply completely.

Alight Motion Transitions

We discuss Alight Motion Transitions free to import transition package. For your project, video effects can be used between two or more clips for an amazing look. Transitions on alight motion give your video a next-level take. Now, an eye-catching look at the ultimate guide for oscillate alight motion.

How to do Transitions on Alight Motion

To activate smooth transitions on Alight Motion continuously. This article is written by @Informer. I just want to share it with you. Go follow him on social platforms.

  • Create a project and choose your preferred orientation.
  • Now add your two photos by clicking on the + button at the bottom.
  • Split it using the third option.

First Image Process

  1. Click on your first image and add an effect> distortion/wrap> titles.
  2. Turn on a mirror and do the same with the second image.
  3. Click on the first image again and add an effect> blur> motion blur (apply 2.00) and do the same with the second one.
  4. Click on the first image and proceed to move and transform.
  5. Click the third option which is the scale and add three keyframes; beginning; middle and end (make sure the middle keyframe is in the middle of the clip).
  6. Place the cursor at the third keyframe and slide these lines to the right, to create a zoom-in.
  7. Place the cursor at the mid-keyframe and slide the lines to the left, creating a zoom-out.
  8. Place the cursor at the first keyframe and slide the lines to the right again.
  9. Move away from the first frame and go to your graph, choose the 3rd one.
  10. Move the cursor in between the mid and third keyframes and choose the 2nd one in the graph.
  11. Now, hold on to the keyframe for 1 second to place it properly on your clip.
  12. Your preview should be there.

Second Image Process

Do the same process with the second image, just focus and read the following steps to make cool transitions on Alight Motion.

  1. Zoom in your timeline and hold onto your second clip and move it 1 second on top of the first clip.
  2. Click on your first clip and add an effect> move/transform> oscillate.
  3. Turn the angle all away up to 180 and click on the frequency and turn it all away down.
  4. Then add 2 frequency key frames, first frame = 0/0.16, second frame = 0.91.
  5. Hold the keyframe for 1 sec and place the second one at the end, and the first one at the beginning of the clip.
  6. Click on the magnitude and keyframe it first then turn it all the way down. now, add your second frame and apply 179.
  7. Hold onto the keyframe and place it on both ends of the clip.
  8. Click on the first image again and add oscillate effect again. Turn angle all the way down, no keyframes.
  9. Click on the frequency and add two keyframes both are equal to 1.91. Then, hold the frame and place it at both ends of the clip, adjusting and checking
  10. And you are done.

How to Mask on Alight Motion (Easy Steps + Special Guidelines)

how to mask on alight motion

how to mask on alight motion

Do you love to watch scenes in films having multiple layers at once? if your answer is yes. Then, we will discuss the majestic features (alight motion masking) of video editing. Are you thinking about how to mask on alight motion? As Alight Motion in the mobile app offers video editing and motion graphics. Yes, this amazing feature is also available in the Alight Motion Mod APK. Masking in alight motion apk has good capability to create motion designs and it blends two pieces of text, images, videos, fire animations, or more. AM mod offers a great way to create visual effects and serves the same role for your project editing.

This article is for those who love to read informative articles. We inform you about all the features like stunning edits, special effects, and more interesting modes for your amazing project editing ideas. And now, let us take a look to define masking? it means bound or anything has been masked. So, we are talking about Mask on Alight Motion.

Alight Motion Masking

Alight Motion Projects has so many packages in which masking is a great feature that offers to modify and unique editing capabilities. Video masks are a powerful tool in the Alight Motion app experienced you to edit different corners or areas of a shot perfectly. For more, the major benefit of masking is to create focused videos to clear your editing skills. The Alight Motion Masking tutorial is uploaded below.

How to Use the Mask in Algith Motion 

In this guide, we will learn how to use one layer to mask another layer? Besides, If you’re not familiar with Alight Motion, Download Alight Motion Mod APK. So, first of all, run your app on your mobile smartphone (Android, iOS, Mac, or PC/Windows desktop computer), and follow the below steps.

Easy Steps for Masking

There are 10 original steps to use the masking feature. Follow these very easy steps to generate a mask on your video.

  1. Add a background image.
  2. Add the layer we want to be masked.
  3. By using a circle, or use anything—even text, or another video.
  4. The layer we want to use as a mask shape must be on top of the layer you want to mask.
  5. Make sure both layers are the same length.
  6. In this case, we have to extend the shape layer to match the duration of the video layer. While we’re at it, let’s extend the background layer too.
  7. Now we’re ready to apply the mask.
  8. Select both layers by long-pressing the first layer, then tapping to add the second layer.
  9. In the overflow menu, choose to Create Masking Group.
  10. That’s all. It is ready now.

Watch the tutorial to understand the masking feature more accurately.


It is a very easy way to mask anything in Alight Motion. This is one of the amazing features of the alight motion pro apk. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you will be enjoying editing the mask on the Alight Motion apk mod which is fully unlocked without a watermark.

For Download Alight Motion iOS

Good luck also and try it on your Alight Motion for PC.  If you like this information. Do not forget to feedback on this method.

For Download Alight Motion PC