History and Benefits of Alight Motion (Video & Animation Editor App)

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history and benefits of alight motion

Matthew Feinberg is the CEO at Alight Creative, makers of Alight Motion. Software Engineer, Linguist, Mobile Video Enthusiast. Former lead developer & product manager at KineMaster.

Here we talk about the history and benefits of Alight Motion mod apk and all of AM latest and old versions.

History of Alight Motion

1. Alight Motion Mod APK is a beautiful editing and graphic app for Android and iPhone. Even better, it’s completely free to download the Alight motion pro mod apk. Once you’ve gotten your hands on Alight Motion, the app brings you professional quality visual effects, motion graphics, and video editing to your mobile device.

2. Alight Motion Pro APK is considered a professional animated graphics application that gives users powerful editing tools and many unique visual effects. Do not hesitate any longer. Please immediately download Alight Motion Mod APK this complete utility application to your Android or iOS devices.

3. Alight Motion video editing app is a great application because it offers the best services to its users, so while having Alight motion apk pro on your device, you will never need another video editor app. You will get all the essential editor tools in this game, and it also has many premium tools and features that you can use for your videos.

4. Aside from alight motion premium apk features, link sharing, the watermark, and ads, the free version is identical to the paid version, so feel free to try out the app and make sure it fits your needs before deciding whether to purchase an Alight Motion premium membership!

 Benefits of Alight Motion Editor

1. No Watermark

Video editing application providers often embed a watermark on someone’s work. This is a little annoying and makes the originality of the work seem to be reduced. However, the Alight Motion premium application does not provide a watermark on the video results is one of the best benefits of the alight motion mod.

2. It Can Be Used In Various Formats

Material videos, of course, have many file formats. Mainly videos recorded using a DSLR camera. Alight Motion can accommodate various video file formats for easy editing.

3. Can Edit Multiple Videos At Once

The Alight Motion app can edit more than one video at a time. With a note that the device used has sufficient RAM. This application is also given a table to choose which video to edit first.

4. Can Export Various File Formats

Besides editing videos in various formats, Alight Motion pro apk no watermark can also be used to export video results in various formats. Such as GIF, MP4 Video, Animation, PNG Squance, etc. The process of rendering the edited video is also not too long.

5. It can Be Used To Create Vector Graphics

Alight Motion APK mod can be used to create moving images of vector graphics. Users can create work with exciting 2D and 3D shapes. Even the results can be customized according to taste.

6. Application User Tutorial

There is an application user tutorial. The developer of the Alight Motion Pro app provides convenience to users with usage tutorials provided. There are clearly explained steps for beginners. In addition, this application also has a simple interface system.

7. Ad-free

Many free video editing applications but a lot of ads appear. However, unlike Alight Motion apk pro, this application does not provide ads when in use. That way, users will feel comfortable when editing a video.

8. Abundant Effect Options

The favorite advantages of the Alight Motion mod application are the effects provided. Developers provide effects to be applied to videos in an update. There are 1000 choices of effects provided by the developer. That way, users don’t get bored quickly with the same effects.

9. Complete Audio

Video work will undoubtedly be more enjoyable with the addition of audio. In the Alight Motion latest version, there are many audio options and complete. Users can add a variety of audio, both provided by the developer and user download audio.

10. Features

  • Keyframe Animation:

This feature can be used to provide cool animation effects. Then this feature can also be used to help users create a static object. Plus, the user can also manage the movement of the orbit with the view of the object according to taste.

  • Blending Modes:

Alight Motion mod apk pro has a blending mode that helps users add multiple layers to a video. Even the opacity of each layer can be changed according to taste. There are various presets provided by the developer of this application. 

  • Abundant Fonts:

The Alight Motion mod apk has 2000 fonts ready to be applied to an edited video. In addition, when writing a text, users can provide sizes, colors, and locations that can be easily adjusted. Even this application also supports adding fonts from external files.

After knowing the advantages or benefits of alight motion, it would be better also to need to know about the various features provided. All these features are available in the Alight Motion Pro Mod APK.


There is a glitch in this app. users say that when there is a heavy load on it. It shows a blank page or glitch. The alight motion modified app version automatically shuts down and when we transform any file, it crashes out. There is a bug in this app. that will fix in the new version above the link. 

Honestly, this app is handy for editing, and its features are fantastic.

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