How to make Cool Transitions on Alight Motion (Easy Ultimate Guide) 2022

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how to do transitions on alight motion

Soft Transition effects can enjoy the video and music your love, and share your wrap transitions all with friends, family, and the Alight Motion Community on our Facebook Page. Alight Motion Pro mod apk teaches you how to make cool transitions on Alight Motion. Zoom in smooth shake tutorial of Alight Motion video editing.

Also, suggested searching for the Alight Motion shake effect presets pack on Google. We have a question here: How to do transitions on the alight motion? Get the Alight Motion transitions ideas. As you know, just follow the below original steps to apply completely.

Alight Motion Transitions

We discuss Alight Motion Transitions free to import transition package. For your project, video effects can be used between two or more clips for an amazing look. Transitions on alight motion give your video a next-level take. Now, an eye-catching look at the ultimate guide for oscillate alight motion.

How to do Transitions on Alight Motion

To activate smooth transitions on Alight Motion continuously. This article is written by @Informer. I just want to share it with you. Go follow him on social platforms.

  • Create a project and choose your preferred orientation.
  • Now add your two photos by clicking on the + button at the bottom.
  • Split it using the third option.

First Image Process

  1. Click on your first image and add an effect> distortion/wrap> titles.
  2. Turn on a mirror and do the same with the second image.
  3. Click on the first image again and add an effect> blur> motion blur (apply 2.00) and do the same with the second one.
  4. Click on the first image and proceed to move and transform.
  5. Click the third option which is the scale and add three keyframes; beginning; middle and end (make sure the middle keyframe is in the middle of the clip).
  6. Place the cursor at the third keyframe and slide these lines to the right, to create a zoom-in.
  7. Place the cursor at the mid-keyframe and slide the lines to the left, creating a zoom-out.
  8. Place the cursor at the first keyframe and slide the lines to the right again.
  9. Move away from the first frame and go to your graph, choose the 3rd one.
  10. Move the cursor in between the mid and third keyframes and choose the 2nd one in the graph.
  11. Now, hold on to the keyframe for 1 second to place it properly on your clip.
  12. Your preview should be there.

Second Image Process

Do the same process with the second image, just focus and read the following steps to make cool transitions on Alight Motion.

  1. Zoom in your timeline and hold onto your second clip and move it 1 second on top of the first clip.
  2. Click on your first clip and add an effect> move/transform> oscillate.
  3. Turn the angle all away up to 180 and click on the frequency and turn it all away down.
  4. Then add 2 frequency key frames, first frame = 0/0.16, second frame = 0.91.
  5. Hold the keyframe for 1 sec and place the second one at the end, and the first one at the beginning of the clip.
  6. Click on the magnitude and keyframe it first then turn it all the way down. now, add your second frame and apply 179.
  7. Hold onto the keyframe and place it on both ends of the clip.
  8. Click on the first image again and add oscillate effect again. Turn angle all the way down, no keyframes.
  9. Click on the frequency and add two keyframes both are equal to 1.91. Then, hold the frame and place it at both ends of the clip, adjusting and checking
  10. And you are done.

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