How to do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion (Tutorial in 2022)

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What are velocity edits? and how to do velocity edits on Alight Motion is the common question wandering on the internet. The Alight Motion pro apk is a very famous video player and animation editor app. The app has popular topics and attractive discussions in public.

It is an important question and the original answer is available here on our website Due to the newly published status and improvements in progress, there has a lot of defaults from the professional users and video editors.

For this, app developers can be working on alight motion velocity preset and more. Now, we briefly described this feature in detail. More to get the Alight Motion Pro Apk.

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What is meant by Velocity Editing?

Velocity editing means as it is the speed of editing a video by its frame rate or fps (Frames Per Second). You can increase or decrease the speed of the video according to your requirements by changing its velocity.

To make a velocity editing in the video, choose the best frame rate values for videos. Here is the question what is the best frame rate value? the number of frames adjusts in the video per the second uniquely.

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How to do Velocity on Alight Motion? (Step-by-Step Guide)

We can create a velocity edit on Alight Motion by using some alight motion tips. Alight motion pro mod apk is the best velocity edit app in 2022.

The alight motion mod apk is a great editing app for those who want to create impressive visual effects in their videos. With it, you can easily add VFX and graphics design work as well as color adjustments without any hassle at all!

Let us start the procedure and complete the answer to the main question of how to do velocity on Alight Motion? in easy steps.

Step 1: Add your video in which you can apply frame rates. Sure that video is at normal speed. Music in the video should be added, filters applied, which means to say that the video is fully ready for velocity editing.

Step 2: Animations can be added to the Alight Motion mod app using the default(normal) speed.

Step 3: You can see the video requirements which appear to have multiple layers. We edit these layers contained in the video.

Step 4: The process of velocity editing is started, click on the layer you want to adjust its speed.

Step 5: Your smartphone screen will display a graph (option) after you pick from the options.

Step 6: You can access the settings of the graph by clicking here. You can see 4 sub-options, a pair of easy in and easy out by the main linear option.

Step 7: Following are the options that can change the results. I can explain

  • Linear: It is the constant speed of a moving object.
  • Easy in: At the start, move the object slowly and at the end move it quickly.
  • Easy out: At the start, move the object quickly and at the end move it slowly.
  • Easy in and out: Adjust the speed according to your needs (fast and slow).

Step 8: After applying your speed. Save your video.

Step 9: Watch the layers of video again if you want to change the speed somewhere.

Step 10: Successfully completed the process of popular velocity edit on Alight Motion.


The Alight Motion velocity shake package is the free option offered by the app. The Alight Motion velocity QR code is available at the end of the video. The journey to the research velocity edits in alight motion is very interesting for me.

I hope you will be beneficial to this information. Thank you for reading this article. Kindly share the knowledge with others.

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