How to Mask on Alight Motion (Easy Steps + Special Guidelines)

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how to mask on alight motion

Do you love to watch scenes in films having multiple layers at once? if your answer is yes. Then, we will discuss the majestic features (alight motion masking) of video editing. Are you thinking about how to mask on alight motion? As Alight Motion in the mobile app offers video editing and motion graphics. Yes, this amazing feature is also available in the Alight Motion Mod APK. Masking in alight motion apk has good capability to create motion designs and it blends two pieces of text, images, videos, fire animations, or more. AM mod offers a great way to create visual effects and serves the same role for your project editing.

This article is for those who love to read informative articles. We inform you about all the features like stunning edits, special effects, and more interesting modes for your amazing project editing ideas. And now, let us take a look to define masking? it means bound or anything has been masked. So, we are talking about Mask on Alight Motion.

Alight Motion Masking

Alight Motion Projects has so many packages in which masking is a great feature that offers to modify and unique editing capabilities. Video masks are a powerful tool in the Alight Motion app experienced you to edit different corners or areas of a shot perfectly. For more, the major benefit of masking is to create focused videos to clear your editing skills. The Alight Motion Masking tutorial is uploaded below.

How to Use the Mask in Algith Motion 

In this guide, we will learn how to use one layer to mask another layer? Besides, If you’re not familiar with Alight Motion, Download Alight Motion Mod APK. So, first of all, run your app on your mobile smartphone (Android, iOS, Mac, or PC/Windows desktop computer), and follow the below steps.

Easy Steps for Masking

There are 10 original steps to use the masking feature. Follow these very easy steps to generate a mask on your video.

  1. Add a background image.
  2. Add the layer we want to be masked.
  3. By using a circle, or use anything—even text, or another video.
  4. The layer we want to use as a mask shape must be on top of the layer you want to mask.
  5. Make sure both layers are the same length.
  6. In this case, we have to extend the shape layer to match the duration of the video layer. While we’re at it, let’s extend the background layer too.
  7. Now we’re ready to apply the mask.
  8. Select both layers by long-pressing the first layer, then tapping to add the second layer.
  9. In the overflow menu, choose to Create Masking Group.
  10. That’s all. It is ready now.

Watch the tutorial to understand the masking feature more accurately.


It is a very easy way to mask anything in Alight Motion. This is one of the amazing features of the alight motion pro apk. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you will be enjoying editing the mask on the Alight Motion apk mod which is fully unlocked without a watermark.

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Good luck also and try it on your Alight Motion for PC.  If you like this information. Do not forget to feedback on this method.

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