How to remove Alight Motion Watermark

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As you can tell by the title, I will be showing you how to remove alight motion watermark. I used the second editing app cap cut to remove alight motion watermark apk. But there are lots of other apps capable of removing the watermark. So, after reading this article, feel free to try it on another app that you think will work on.

I put the following steps if you do not think you need a visual. Thanks for reading. Let’s get started.

Steps to remove alight motion watermark:

As you can see, I have a watermark on my project so this is not fake. Use the alight motion watermark remover now in this post with complete guidelines.

PART 1: Alight Motion

Step 1: Export your project click the button on the top right corner – click export.

Step 2: Press the watermark button – press continues – Wait for it to export – press save.

Step 3: Press close – press on the watermark – move it to the opposite side.

Step 4: Press the top right corner button – press the video.

Step 5: Change the quality down by one.

Step 6: Press export if you did the step before wrong, then it won’t export a new video.

Step 7: Press save – now, check your camera roll to make sure you have a video with a watermark on top and a video with a watermark on the bottom

PART 2: CapCut

Step 1: Open CapCut – press new project – add one of the 2 videos that you just saved.

Step 2: Press overlays – press add overlay – add your other video in as an overlay. You should now see 2 watermarks.

Step 3: Press on the overlay – use 2 fingers to largen it. Largen it until the blue border around the overlay is on the border of the video.

Step 4: Adjust it if needed. Make sure you are still on the overlay and not the layer under it.

Step 5: Find the mask – select it – split it.

Step 6: If it shows both watermarks, Click on the invert in the bottom left corner.

Step 7: Now there is no more watermark! Export your video and you are done.

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How to Remove Alight Motion Watermark for free

There are so many ways to remove alight motion watermark. But, I will be providing you with the best method to get your alight motion without watermark.

Steps to remove alight motion watermark for free

  1. Download CapCut
  2. Export your video that you want to remove the watermark on from Alight Motion
  3. Move the watermark to the opposite side
  4. Go to export and change the quality by 1
  5. Export video again
  6. Open CapCut
  7. Add 1 of the videos in
  8. Add the other video as an overlay
  9.  Zoom in the overlayed video so that it completely covers the other video
  10. Go to mask and click linear. If it shows both watermarks click invert
  11. Export


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