removal of green screen in alight motion

Removal of Green Screen in Alight Motion APK

Alight Motion APK is an advanced and powerful platform offering advanced technologies through Green Screen magic which lets you remove backgrounds and merge different items on your Android mobiles. Green Screen, as the name implies, is a concept of green background in video production and editing. This green background can later be replaced with videos or images to create visually appealing compositions very quickly and easily without much stress.

Step-By-Step Guide

In Alight Motion, removing the Green Screen background is a straightforward process. Here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Open Alight Motion:

  1. Launch the Alight Motion app on your Android device.

2. Add Video With Green Screen:

  1. Import the video of your choice that has a Green Screen background into the Alight Motion app.

3. Apply Chroma Key Effect:

  1. Now, follow the steps:
  2. Tap on the “Effects” option in the app.
  3. Select the “Chroma Key” effect.
  4. You will see a popup appearing on your device. Choose the “Green Screen” option.
  5. The Green Screen background will disappear.

4. Fine-Tune Settings:

  1. To adjust more accurate results, adjust the following settings:
  2. Threshold: Increase or decrease the threshold value.
  3. Feather: Adjust the feather number by scrolling the line towards the left.

That’s it! You have successfully removed the Green Screen background from your video using Alight Motion.

5. Add Background of Your Choice:

With the Green Screen background removed from the imported footage, you can now add a new background to your video, using an image, any other video, or simply a solid color for aesthetic effects.

6. Layering the Background:

Once done adding the background to your footage, simply layer the new background behind your footage to complete the composite.

In Alight Motion, creating compositions is a technique through which you can combine different images, videos, or Green Screens to create one visually appealing composition. The app lets you create such a combination very smoothly and precisely using its unique and advanced features. Through the Green Screen, you can add a video or an image to the background of your footage resembling the environment you like, a scenery, green leaves, a flowery background, or a hilly site. For this purpose, Alight Motion comprises advanced masking and layering features which let you create a phenomenal composition through stress-free options.

Let’s explore how you can use the green screen in Alight Motion to create engaging compositions:

1. Import Your Background Footage:

  1. Start by opening Alight Motion and importing your main video or background footage. This will serve as the base for your composition.

2. Add the Green Screen Layer:

Click on the “+” button at the bottom-center of the screen to add a new layer. Select “Element” and customize your element’s resolution, frame rate, etc. Import your green screen animation video into this layer.

3. Position and Adjust:

With the green screen layer selected, adjust its position, size, and rotation to fit seamlessly with your background footage. You can use keyframes to animate these properties over time.

4. Apply the Chroma Key Effect:

Click on the green screen layer to select it. Go to the “Effects” tab and add the “Chroma Key” effect. Adjust the settings such as tolerance to remove the green background and reveal your subject.

5.Enhance the Tunes:

Preview your composition to ensure everything looks natural. Make any necessary adjustments to the green screen layer or the background to achieve the desired effect.

6. Add Other Elements:

Consider adding other elements (text, graphics, animations) to enhance your composition further. You can use Alight Motion’s features like Camera Objects to simulate depth, focus blur, and fog.

Remember that practice and experimentation make everything perfect! Experiment with different backgrounds, lighting conditions, and subjects to create captivating compositions.

Let’s break down the tips and tricks for success:

1. Set Up Even Lighting:

Lighting is crucial for successful green screen keying. Ensure that your green screen background is evenly lit to avoid shadows and color variations. Use soft, diffuse lighting from multiple directions to minimize wrinkles and reflections on the screen. Consider using at least three soft and broad lights with the same color temperature to achieve uniform illumination.

2. Choose the Right Keying Effect:

In your video editing software, apply the appropriate keying effect to your footage. Green screens are commonly used because green is farthest from human skin tones, making it easier to separate from the subject.

3. Fine-Tune Keying Settings:

Adjust keying parameters such as key color, tolerance, and edge softness to achieve a clean removal of the green screen background while preserving the subject. Strive for a seamless transition between the subject and the background.

Refine Masking (if Needed):

Depending on the complexity of your footage, manually refine the mask created by the keying effect. Pay close attention to edges and intricate patterns to ensure accurate isolation of the subject.

Preview and Finalize:

Use the preview feature to review your composition. Check if the green screen background has been effectively removed. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired result.

While Green Screen keying, maintain realism and coherence in your footage by scrutinizing the composition carefully to create an appealing visual narrative.

Removing green screen backgrounds in Alight Motion allows you to create captivating videos with seamless composites. Following the above-mentioned guide and with practice, you’ll become proficient at green screen removal and create captivating visual effects. Happy editing!

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